Showered, Shaved, & Sexy

I turned back towards the shower. As nice as it was, no way I should have been getting in there alone. It was one I’d only seen in magazines and often fantasized about having in my home one day. The brown marble was flawless. Looking up, I noticed the double rain shower heads. Along both walls were body sprays. As if that wasn’t enough, there was even a steam unit. Talk about never wanting to get out. There was even a recessed bench along the back wall. Oh the fun to be had in just the bathroom alone. My nervousness had now turned into excitement.

I stepped in the shower, where everything was already laid out and ready for me. There really was no need for my emergency bag. Again, he’d literally thought of it all. I stood under the water and contemplated the events that could possibly take place. Lost in thought, I closed my eyes and allowed the water to cascade down my body, caressing every curve of my hips. The stress of the day went down the drain. Swaying to the melodies of the water hitting the shower floor, I smiled. Rubbing my body, thinking about him telling me how soft I was and how he loved the way my cheeks spread when he rubbed my ass. Biting my bottom lip, I imagined that he’d walk through the shower door, sit me down on the bench and shave my legs for me.

I have no idea how long I’d been standing there, lost. Hypnotized. In a trance. But when I snapped out of it, looking through the steamy glass, I saw her. She was just standing there. Watching me. Green eyes. To my surprise, I wasn’t as startled as I should have been. She removed her top, dropped her jeans, and stepped in the shower. Not the person I was expecting, but one I wasn’t going to turn away. Leaning forward, she whispered in my ear, “Sit on the bench.” Without a second thought, I did just that. She knelt before me, opened the shaving cream and rubbed it on my legs. She took the razor and shaved my legs like it was her job to pamper me. She took her time. Finishing, she stood and held out her hand. Placing my hand into hers, she ushered me to my feet. She raised my hand above my head, as if to guide me into a dance and turned me around. She began to bathe me. I can’t say that I’d ever had this type of treatment before. Maybe in someone else’s dream, but damn sure not mine. I could feel her body rub up against mine. Taking her right hand, she reached around with the washcloth and began to wipe me from my neck down. I rested my head on her shoulder as she grazed my breast ever so lightly and worked her way to my stomach. My nipples began to perk up. My pussy started to throb. What kind of shower was this turning into? Taking her hand and forcing my legs apart to reach every crack and crevice, she cleansed me. She spread my lips, making sure not to miss one spot. My clit pulsated. She slowly dipped down my back to get between my ass and my legs. I felt her breast on the back of my thigh. Working her way back up, not missing a spot, she moved to the front of me. Face to face. Her eyes sparkled. She moved me back under the shower head, allowing my body to be rinsed. She turned the water off. Grabbed the towel and dried me. Kissed my left cheek. Winked. And walked out. No other words exchanged.

Feeling refreshed, refined, rejuvenated and hornier than ever, I stepped out of the shower. Walking back into the room, I quickly realized that the shower help was a decoy. Or had she set up the room while I was lost in my own world before realizing she was there. On the bed were purple roses in the shape of a heart. Not just rose petals, but roses. Stems, thorns, and all. Oh he was so twisted. Inside the heart was a silver box, tied with purple ribbon. Attached was a note. This man and his notes. His demands. But I dare not disobey. “Put this on and be ready to receive me however you see fit.”

Opening the box, I pulled out a purple lace peek-a-boo, baby doll night dress. The panties… Crotch-less. Getting sexy, as I was told to do, I put the cute little number on. I crawled up on the bed, on my knees, thighs spread, ass up, but slightly hanging off. Hearing the click of the lock as he slid his key out. I bowed my head down. Waiting for him to walk through the door.


Daddy’s Good Girl

i ran around the house in a frantic panic. Was everything in order? Did i leave something out of place? i checked, checked, and double checked the third check! i wanted it all to be just perfect the way Daddy expected it to be. i remember the last time He left me a list of things to do and i couldn’t get around to it all. He was so disappointed. The look in His eyes hurt me to the very core of my soul. And i never wanted to experience that again. He went a whole day without talking to me. My apologies weren’t enough to make it right. Even going back and completing the tasks He’d asked me to do couldn’t right my wrongs. So today, it had to be better. It had to be perfect. i’d swept, mopped, and dusted. i cleaned out the drawers, put His clothes in alphabetical order by color. Folded His underwear. Made sure all His socks were matched to its mate and tucked neatly in place. Cleaned out the fireplace. Washed the windows. Scrubbed the walls and the corners. i was exhausted. And i still had to prepare Daddy’s dinner. Thankfully, it was already prepped. One hour. That was all i needed. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off, opening and closing cabinet doors, dropping pots and pans, burning my hands in hot water. Cutting my finger with the knife. Blood. Daddy would have loved to see the tears streaming down my face. But no time for that now. Kitchen smelling like heaven, i ran upstairs to wash this body for to be ready to be received.

i heard the door as it opened. He dropped His bag by the front door as usual and sat down on the couch and clapped His hands twice to summons me. i sashayed down the stairs in slow motion, making sure He was able to take in every curve and every smooth sway of my hips. Reaching the bottom step, i got down on my hands and knees and crawled to Him. Rising up on my knees, i asked Daddy what He wanted from me. “Turn on the music and light the fire.” I asked Him for permission to walk across the room. ”Yes, you may.” i got up and walked in slow motion, making sure He was able to see my ass jiggle as i walked away. i did what i was told. Back to my rightful position, down on my knees, i crawled back to my Daddy. i crept up in His lap, unbuckled His belt, unzipped His pants, and pulled out His dick. i held Him in my hands, admiring my greatest blessing. With both hands on His shaft, i begin to rub up and down. Putting the tip of His dick in my mouth, i could feel Him swelling and becoming rock hard. Glancing up, i saw Daddy close His eyes and lay His head back. He let out a soft, pleasing, and accepting moan. i sucked until my jaws hurt. Rubbing and sucking until He could no longer hang on to what was owed to me. He released. His sweet nectar rolled to the back of my throat and i all but swallowed Him whole. He rubbed my head and said those words that i longed to hear every single second of every passing day… “Good girl.”