To Go, Please

You know, we usually don’t stop for bathroom breaks when the girls and I are taking a road trip. We’ve always had the two stop maximum… gas and food. And most times the food stop was pushing it. The cardinal rule has always been “Bring snacks. Lots of road trip snacks.” Renee started to complain that she wanted something solid on her stomach because she didn’t “really eat breakfast” before we got on the road. Mind you, she had the same thing we all had… scrambled cheese eggs, grits, turkey bacon, and a biscuit with honey. Except Renee had two extra biscuits and probably a whole damn pack of turkey bacon to herself. With a tall glass of mimosa. I knew we should have gone with the sausage. That bitch was greedy. And I mean that in the most endearing way possible.

“Come on, Tonya, it’ll only take a few minutes. Burger King is right off the exit. I’ll be in and out!” Trying my best to ignore her pleas to stop, I took a deep sigh and gave in. Only because I realized that I had to use the restroom. But I’m certain I could have made it another thirty minutes to an hour. Putting us a little closer to our much needed vacation. We’d planned for months. Looking for the perfect beachfront location. The clearest waters. The softest sands. Surrounded by the best restaurants. Seeking the top rated spas. I could damn near smell the ocean. Until Renee started begging for a burger and onion rings. I had no idea how she could eat that stuff. 

“Can we at least stop at PDQ, we could use some of those zucchini fries!” Steph and Tash simultaneously chiming in from the back seat. Their asses are greedy too. Again, only because I had to use the restroom. At eighty miles an hour, I zoomed right, crossing two lanes and swerved off the exit. Just their luck, PDQ was sitting immediately to the right. Literally hand delivered from the universe.


Renee, Steph, Tash and I had all been friends since high school. Best friends since tenth grade actually. I was the last one to join the trio. A new student, lost and confused, they welcomed me with opened arms. Showing me all the cool places to hang out when skipping school, borrowing and never returning clothes, last minute sleepovers when things weren’t going right at home. We were thick as thieves. People actually thought that Tash, real name Tashana, and I were sisters. We did sort of favor. Same smooth dark brown tone that glistened in the sunlight, natural hair, bodies built like we ran track, B cups. Attitudes and outgoing personalities matched. I told her we needed to trace our roots. I’m sure we’re distant cousins somewhere down the line. Hell, maybe even sisters the way my daddy got down. And she never knew her biological father. But we somehow never got around to it. Only difference between us, standing at 5’6″, Tash was a few inches taller. Renee and Steph were cousins. And those two couldn’t have been more opposite. They were like night and day. Renee looked like she was born and raised near the equator, but her skin was absolutely beautiful. Looking like a real life doll, she had hair bitches from the projects paid for. Full lips that always got her harassed everywhere we went. “Eh girl, wat dat mouf do?!?” So elegantly, without missing a beat “Is your ass jealous of all that shit coming out of your mouth,” rolled so nicely off her tongue. Renee never ceased to amaze me with the things she said. Steph, on the other hand, was the quiet one in the group. I’m not sure how she’s managed to hang with us after all these years. Even through college. I guess she would be considered the level headed one of us all. Keeping us in line. I know we stressed her the hell out. Born and raised in the backwoods of Alabama, she was fair-skinned with curly red hair, hazel eyes and the body of a goddess. Ass for days, you know one you could sit shit on. I know because we’ve done it too many times to count. She hated it. Don’t let us be in the club… But sis had the most Southern drawl you’d ever hear. It took me a while to get used to it. Still, we loved her like no other.


Pulling into the parking lot, I said “Grab me some fries and a bottle of water to hold me until we get to Amelia Island. It’s just one more hour. I gotta use the bathroom.” That was all I could muster to my two back seat drivers. I was already frustrated and annoyed with Renee’s whining.

I walked through the doors of PDQ, with nothing on my mind, except for running to the bathroom, getting our food and rolling on. We were almost there. I could smell the fresh air. I could hear the ocean waters beating against the smooth sandy shores, kidnapping me into paradise. With nothing else on my mind, I saw him.

His eyes met mine and it was as if our minds synced instantly. ‘Damn!’ escaped both our lips. He smiled and in that moment everything stopped. Disappeared. I never knew time could slow down the way that it did. It all just moved in slow motion.


“Earth to Tonya!!”

“Girl, where did you just go?”

As Tweet once said, I was “hypnotized, in a trance.”

Steph was laughing her ass off and Tash was trying to figure out if I was having some kind of epileptic episode that she knew nothing about. Only Renee was able to put two and two together, with a whisper “yeah, he is sexy!”

He stood up and walked towards us. My heart was beating as if I’d just done thirty minutes of straight cardio. Tall, chocolate. But not just any chocolate. He was that expensive ass chocolate, smooth and creamy. His hair was loc’d and pulled up into some intricate style that must have taken hours to do. Wearing a sleeveless shirt, his muscles flexed as he walked. The closer he got to us, I saw how dark and mysterious his eyes were. His smile, bearing his innermost secrets, he licked his lips. I damn near fainted. Seriously, I was probably hyperventilating like a crazed school girl trying not to make a fool of herself in front of her crush. “Give the girl a paper bag, she can’t breathe.” Renee had jokes. Brushing against me, the smell of Sauvage shook the shit out of me and my brain immediately went “hoe tendencies activate.” Walking around us, looking me dead in my eyes, he winked. Renee caught me as I swayed to the left.

“I got you girl.”

Tasha and Steph laughed.

“Aw damn, there she goes again.”

“Just her type!”

Locs leaned in and whispered, “Follow me.”

He turned the corner to the restroom. Just where I needed to go.

But he went into the men’s restroom. Without even thinking, I walked in right behind him.

As soon as I walked trough the door, he pulled out a stopper and slid it under the door. Who the hell has a stopper in their pocket? I’m thinking ‘random as fuck!” Before I could even ask if the just carried a stopper for ’emergencies only,’ he grabbed me by my hair. Guided me straight to the wall rail on the other side of the restroom. With his other hand, he so fluidly lifted my sundress, took his foot and kicked my legs apart. Thrusting me forward, with no hesitation, he grabbed his dick and went straight in. I didn’t have time to think. Blink. Or hesitate. The deep stroke thrust forced my eyes closed and my ass automatically gave into him. My arch had a mind of it’s own. I couldn’t have stopped it even if I wanted to. He leaned into my ear, licked the side of my face and whispered “I’ve been waiting for you.” I closed my eyes and moaned. He dipped low and went up in me, slowly. “You like that?” Before I could answer, he stuck his fingers in my mouth, forcing me to suck. In and out, fluidly. My juices becoming more prevalent with each stroke. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d risked it all, forgetting that I was an upstanding citizen. A Miss Goody Two Shoes. A “Boujee Bitch.” Classy and Sophisticated. With one hand around my neck, he took his other hand and lifted my thigh so that he could go deeper. That allowed him to stroke harder. Placing his hand between my face and the wall, he went harder. To keep my moans from escaping and from being loud, he let my neck go and placed his hand over my mouth. Biting down on my shoulder, I heard the aggression that had been built up for only he knows how long. Removing his other hand from the wall, he grabbed the rail and went deep into parts I’d forgotten existed. My mind wandered to a place I hadn’t been in a while. I got lost in everything that was going on in that moment. Nothing mattered. My girls. My food. The fact that I needed to use the bathroom. Everything. The beginnings of a wonderful vacation.

“You like this chocolate don’t you?”

“Tell me it’s good to you.”

The thoughts running through my head were beyond questionable. But I couldn’t get caught up on what he was saying, because he was feeling so good deep inside of me. I felt my walls tighten and flex around his thick shaft. He felt it too. “Oh shit!” A devilish grinned formed on my face. He had no idea, what he had just gotten himself into.

I pushed up off the rail, holding on, I bent at the hip, dropped slightly low and threw it back. “Fuuuuuuck!” left his lips in surprise. I smirked in my head, knowing I was about to own him. He tried to force me back on the rail and wall, but I’d gained my footing, putting me in total control. Every thrust he gave, I pushed it back. He tried to throw me off, by removing his hand from my mouth and placing his fingers on my clit. I almost buckled. But I caught myself. Letting out a gentle laugh, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my ass. “Hold on baby, enjoy the ride.” Using the rail as my leverage, I slow danced on his dick like my vacation depended on it. I was about to get all my girls food funded.

I heard him grunt.


I released the rail and grabbed my knees. Slowed down even more. Stroking with Kitten’s Why I Wait playing in my head, I gave it to him. Every emotion. Every feeling. Everything I’d dealt with in the last 24 hrs. With both hands, he grabbed my hips. Moaning, he released. Letting “Daddy” escape my lips, I let go. Simultaneously dumping our energies onto one another, we exhaled. And let it go. Without so much as a thought, he kissed the side of my neck.

No words exchanged, we got cleaned up with what little paper towels were available. He removed the door stopper.

“After you.”

I slowly opened the door, ready to take my hoe walk of shame. Checking to make sure no one was waiting, he peeped over my shoulder and said “you’re good.”

Steph, Renee, and Tasha had already gone to the car. I slid in like nothing had happened. Except Renee wasn’t going to allow that to happen….

“You nasty biiiiiiiiitch!”

Tasha, chiming in “But was it good?!?”

“Giiiiiiiiiirl!!! I don’t remember the last time I put it all on the line and let go.”

The rest of the ride was silent. All were full and had fallen asleep. I was left with my thoughts of smooth chocolate and locs.

Pulling up to Amelia Island, I woke the girls. As we were getting out, a black Tesla pulled up beside us. The doors opened and four fine ass brothers stepped out.

The driver…. Chocolate. With locs. Tapped on my window.

“Reservations in our name, right babe?”


Licking his lips, he smiled.

“Meet me on the beach tonight?”

I blushed….

“Of course.”

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