Working Girl

i put on the fishnets, short skirt, heels, and skanky looking top. It was almost time for me to meet Him. Walking out, doing a mental check, making sure my pussy was fresh and clean. Nervous, i’m standing at the stop sign, not knowing what to expect. It’s my 1st time as a working girl. He pulls up and ask me how much i’m going for. i told Him $300 for the works. He laughs and tell me it’s too much and that whores aren’t worth all that. Negotiating on a price, i’m reluctant because He didn’t want to pay me what i asked, but i know i need the money.  He tells me to get in His car and He takes me to some back alley. i start with sucking His dick, He grabs the back of my head and forced me to deep throat. i gag because i’ve never been able to take dick to the head like that. i can’t breathe. But because i need the money, i allow Him to mistreat the back of throat, but not without a fight. i try to keep Him from going so deep inside of my mouth. He grabs the back of my neck with His right hand and takes a wad of my hair in His left and forces me still as He fucks my face. Releasing, i feel His warm juices run down my throat. Not done, He tells me that i’m not worthy to be fucked inside of His vehicle and to get out. my feelings hurting because i just served Him with everything my mouth had to give. He gets out and walks around to the front of His vehicle, telling me to come here. i tell Him no and then i attempt to walk off. Before i can get to the back of the vehicle, He snatched me by my arm, putting all of His weight on me. He takes His leg and forces me to spread mine apart. With His free hand, He rips my fishnet stockings and forces His dick deep inside my pussy. It’s hard at first for Him to get in good because i haven’t gotten ready to receive His offer. Not able to fight such a strong man off, my pussy begins to open up with wetness, i realize that i am enjoying every single inch. Every single stroke. Every thrust. i am enjoying Him. He cums. i cum. Both satisfied. He backs off of me, pushes me away and says… “Same time next week slut!”

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